Prices and Ordering

   Please contact me before ordering. I accept Paypal, a check or money order. Below is a link to Paypal. Rubber and acetal mouthpieces are $500.

Wood mouthpieces are $650, they are non-refundable. Please read below my thoughts on wood.

CA residents add 8% for tax. Mouthpieces come with an inexpensive ligature and cap. Shipping is free inside the US, out of country please add $40.

Second and subsequent mouthpieces are discounted 15% assuming you have purchased at least one mouthpiece directly from me.

Trial period is two weeks. If it does not suit you then return it with $10 and I will reface it. If that is not satisfactory then I'll give you a full refund minus any Paypal and/or shipping charges. Please return the mouthpiece to me in a box, not a mailer.


Whenever you buy a wood mouthpiece you take a gamble since they are susceptable to warping and cracking. Although cracking is rare, warping occurs every time you play. Some pieces will warp more than others. If the wood is problematic I will reface it two more times with a $10 shipping fee.


To use Paypal click the link below or send a check or money order made payable to Fred Lamberson at:

PO Box 674
CA 94937

Occasionally emails don't get through. Use my preferred address, (email 1) and if you don't hear from me in a couple of days then use (email 2).

email 1      email 2


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